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Indiana Heat Transfer Corporation, IHTC, is the place where the world's best cooling systems are made to order. IHTC is a privately owned, closely held corporation, that specializes in the manufacturing of high quality radiators and associated cooling systems components.

IHTC is located on Harrison Street in Plymouth, Indiana in the old McCord Corporation facility. IHTC offers its customers the benefits of years of experience in the engineering and fabrication of radiators.  The depth of radiator and cooling system knowledge can be traced back to the late 1920's and early 1930's when A.C. McCord moved his Model T radiator manufacturing business from Detroit to Plymouth.  Engine cooling systems have been an intricate part of the local economy ever since.

Focusing on a unique blend of tradition and innovation, we take old-fashioned pride in our craftsmanship, and we aggressively seek the latest technology not for its sake alone, but for the quality and cost-effectiveness it brings to our products.

From design engineering, through production and shipping, this company is staffed with people who know the business, and care about its customer's needs; experience problem solvers and flexible thinkers.

Feel free to come and visit our 165,000 ft. facility at 500 W. Harrison Street, in Plymouth, Indiana, and see first hand what experience and dedication can do to move your company ahead in the market place.

    Versatility - Adaptability

System Suppliers

Radiators from 1ft. to 30ft.
From Lawn Mowers to Military Monsters and
John Deere 4WD Tractors to 35,000 lb. Fork Trucks
Over 25 Different Surfaces &

Tube Combinations

Water to Oil Transmission Coolers
Air to Oil Transmission Coolers
Engine & Hydraulic Oil Coolers
Surge Tanks
Charge Air Coolers

    Complete Manufacturer


Out-Sourcing of Total Parts
Less Than 5%
Total Out-Sourced Value
Less Than 3%

Average Work Force Experience
Exceeds 12 Years
Cross Training Provides Greater
Product Knowledge


Quality & Durability

Computerized Core Sizing Programs
Achieve Best Fit, Function, and Value
Internet Communications &
Drawing Transfer Capabilities

2D Drawing & 3D Models

with Unigraphics

Durability & Q.A. Testing
25,000 CFM walk-in Wind Tunnel
Thermal & Pressure Cycle Testing
Vibration & Drop Testing
Low Cost Supplier
Large Tooling Data Boasting
Greater Than 400 Different Stock Tank Sizes Helping to

Reduce Tooling Costs
High Quality Products
Advanced Quality Planning

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Indiana Heat Transfer Corp.
500 West Harrison Street
Plymouth, Indiana  46563
Fax 574-935-8200  Phone 574-936-3171