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    Timing always seems to be an issue. In an effort to improve new product introduction times, IHTC has implemented a number of initiatives that are aimed at utilizing the Internet, and electronic data interchange, in the transfer of product engineering, product design, billing, and overall better communications between IHTC and its customers.  Close communications during a project's development strengthens the partnership style relationship between suppliers and customers by utilizing the expertise and resources of both companies.
   IHTC is excited about using our new 3-D CAD modeling system, in design and research, to provide the best quality, performance, pricing, and shortest lead times. IHTC uses Unigraphis software on a NT platform for  our 3-D modeling. We have DXF  & IGES importing and exporting capabilities. AutoCAD is also available, with DXF importing and exporting capabilities, for sketching and some 2-D drawing interchanges.
   IHTC also has Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, capabilities through the VAN Simplex. We implemented EDI in November 1996 to comply with the federal government's mandate that all government contract suppliers have paper-less transaction capabilities by January 1, 1997. Since we supply cooling systems for many military vehicles, including the HUMMVE, we were required to comply with this mandate. IHTC is looking forward to implementing this technology with our trading partners.
    Last but not least is our commitment to e-mail. E-mail has improved overall communications between IHTC and its customers. It is also an excellent tool for documenting our development process, which provides us the opportunity of reviewing the process and eliminating stumbling blocks that add lead time. 

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