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IHTC has produced cooling systems from 1ft. to 30 ft., in a full range of serpentine, louvered, low wave, high wave, dimple, and flat fin variations.  Custom-designed oil coolers, surge tanks, and charge air coolers can complete your total system.


IHTC can provide cooling for every application
From 20 HP lawn mowers
to 35,000 lb. fork trucks and large quarry trucks
to 750 HP generator sets


With add on options you can complete your cooling system requirements with one stop at IHTC
Fan Shrouds


Oil Coolers
Plate Type


Tube Bundle
Shell type in tank oil coolers


Air to oil, tube and fin, transmission or
hydraulic oil coolers


Keep the operator cool with an
air conditioning condenser


Overflow problems?
We can provide a surge tank to meet your needs


you can add a charge air cooler to your package.


IHTC can supply you with all of the accessories to cool the individual components in your system including: Foam Seals, Conventional or Electrically Driven Fans, and Vibration Damping Mounts. Or..
We can supply you with the fully assembled system so all you have to do is Bolt it in, Hook it up, and GO.
Our cooling systems enhance the reliability and prolong the lives of buses, heavy duty haulers, logging equipment, cranes, front loaders, agricultural equipment, the toughest military monsters, and many other demanding applications.  IHTC means dependable cooling, longer equipment life, and satisfied returning customers. Remember, your partner in business, IHTC, is only an e-mail message away.  No project is too large or too small.   If we can't supply it, we'll direct you to someone who can.
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