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Cooling System Design Specification Sheet

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Indiana Heat Transfer Corporation




(Loader, Fork Lift, Lawn Mower...)


(Clean, Dirty, Clogging Possibility)

Envelope Size:

Side to Side:



Top to Bottom:



Front to Back:


Describe Radiator Mounting:


Cooling System Components:
(Provide a resistance vs. airflow graph for each component)

Component Position in Air Flow

Heat Rejection to Coolant

Component Cooling Flow Rate

Component Maximum Pressure Drop

Component Maximum Pressure Drop




Charge Air Cooler
(after Cooler)


Transmission Cooler
(Air to Oil)


Hydraulic Oil Cooler
(Air to Oil)


Engine Oil Cooler
(Air to Oil)


Air Conditioning Condenser


Transmission Oil Cooler In-Tank


Please Supply a Fan Curve

Diameter Fan type Manufacturer Part Number Engine to Fan Drive Ratio Core Face to Fan Distance




  Type Fan Hole Diameter Fan Centered On Core? Off Center Distance Side Off Center Distance Top  

Fan Shroud

  (Type = Venturi, Ring, or Sharp Edge Box)


Engine Data


Manufacturer Model No. Horse Power Application RPM Maximum Top Tank Temp. Deaeration Required
  Engine Coolant Qt.'s Coolant Recovery Sys. Heat Rej. to Air Max. Coolant Press. Drop Heat Rise Over Engine Recirculation Heat Rises

Application Design Parameters

Maximum Ambient Air Temperature Air to Boil Temperature Elevation Engine Size To Engine Compartment Ratio est. Additional Resistance Factors Radiator Operating Pressure

Any Additional Application Design Considerations



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